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Last updated at , Tuesday, 27 September 2011 FIONA CLOHERTY, of FCK Recruitment, shares her hopes and aspirations for the Boosting Barrow and Furness group.Fiona is a retail sector champion with the group “EARLIER this year, FCK: Your Retail Therapy conducted independent research into what customers really want from the Barrow shopping experience.Last updated at , Tuesday, 27 September 2011 TIM BELL, of Crown Court House restaurant in Dalton, shares his hopes and aspirations for the Boosting Barrow and Furness Group“I FULLY support the activity hub on Walney, the idea has vision and should receive a positive response from the public, particularly as it is a Walney lad that has produced it, one of Pat Davey’s ex pupils from St Bernards.“I feel the joined-up marketing of Furness through a sense of place brochure produced by Cumbria tourism will meet one of our short term objectives. ...55, male, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire Most recent pic (with my 'Triffids' in the greenhouse) was taken in August 2016.Blackadder especially Rowan Atlinson, IT Crowd, Peter Sellers, Ealing Comedies, Plebs, there's just so much Amazing British Comedy around ...

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“It’s not just about the retailers though, it’s also about our local shoppers and the visitors (what impression do we create? “Once people are in Barrow all of these mis-conceptions are completely forgotten.

Mrs England, who lives with her husband Martin, 41, in Barrow-in-Furness, said her daughter Laura's engagement to maths lecturer Dan Rose, 30, made her realise she needed to turn her life around.

'I was overjoyed but suddenly thought how I might not be there to see any grandchildren,' she told Laura Connor and Matthew Barbour.

The clean-ups also helped to improve our living environment and clean up habitats for wildlife.

Barrow Borough Council was pleased to back the campaign as the authority spends £900,000 a year on keeping the borough clean.