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Sorry for the caps but that was a fucking awesome post... There were a lot of birds working bait, but there were no concentration of fish.Near the beginning of the approach channel, there were some pods of bass working small bait, but these fish proved very difficult to get on.Eventually, when he was well established in the music business, he went back to his birth name, after a brief transition period as ‘John Cougar Mellencamp’.

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When I hear the phrase, “American rocker”, I frequently think of John Mellencamp.

He started out in the 1970’s, professionally, as ‘John Cougar’ because his manager said nobody would ever buy a record by someone named John Mellencamp.

My African American pals put me on to it over 30 years ago, as for their ashy skin it completely hydrates and softens. It’s texture is like Vaseline, whilst it absorbed after much rubbing and rubbing, I felt I had to wash my hands to get them clean.

Now I’m not giving up on Cien…I’m trying out other products…but I’ll give this a MISSSSSSSS.