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Paul Janka of Attraction Formula, never officially responded, but he took some indirect shots at Tenmagnet on an episode of the Pick Up Podcast Show with the Harbingers, saying that certain coach has been acting catty with soap-opera drama on blogs and stuff. You can read 1 of Tenmagnet’s inflamed blog post here: My problem with Paul Janka. Phil show talking about his life as an NYC playboy.My name is Jon Sinn, and if don't know me yet, I'm the founder of Sinns Of Attraction.And for some products (like my award winning Seduction Roadmap) you get recurrring monthly commisions beyond just the first month.The show, hosted by Anna Richardson, sees a contestant select from six naked hopefuls looking for love, whose bodies and then faces are revealed in stages from the feet up.For the last nearly one decade I've been very active in the dating industry, learned from the best guys out there, slept with hundreds of women, been a pick-up instructor for one of the first dating companies - back then "Mystery Method", taught thousands of guys to pick-up and seduce women...and recently TSB Magazine ranked me as the NUMBER 1 PICK UP ARTIST IN THE WORLD, for the second year in a row.

but that's what learning from Sinn was like."That's right you get 50%, 60% or even 100% for some special launch products.“It was scheduled appropriately and clear warnings were given prior to broadcast.” The regulator also said it will not investigate a small number of complaints about a bullying storyline in Emmerdale, but will investigate a single complaint made about James O’Brien on his LBC radio show.A deadline to restore power sharing in Northern Ireland or face the return of direct rule were extended again this afternoon.Many in the PUA/Seduction community may be of the opinion that Socialkenny loves to start shit, open old wounds which have already been healed, fan flames…Hopefully this article doesn’t stir shit up once more, since 70 % of the coaches listed are my buddies, with half of whom I chat and do business with.