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Did you know that one in three adolescents experience some form of dating abuse before the age of 18?

Discover the warning signs, learn how to get help and make a game plan so that you can make a difference in your community!

Your relationship is going strong, and it’s definitely not time to break up.

When looking at your relationship more closely, you can see exactly why you and your partner have a bright future ahead.

Firstly, you trust each other completely and have total faith in one another.

First, you'll want to find a subtle way to ask the person you like when they were born.

A healthy relationship means: Now that you know what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like, do you want to know what kind of relationship you are in?

is a national partnership between Break the Cycle and the National Dating Abuse Helpline (866-331-9474), two organizations working to engage, educate and empower youth and young adults to prevent and end abusive relationships. Remember, abuse can occur in both opposite-sex (straight) and same-sex (gay) relationships.

Give the money back to the cashier so she can put it back into the till. While you may think you are protecting the person, it really isn't.

10-12: You usually only lie when it depends on someone's feelings.