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As state mental hospitals continue to close and mental health services remain financially out of reach for many people, this number may rise.Moreover, prison itself can exacerbate preexisting mental health issues and create new mental health challenges among those who had never experienced them.Prison and Trauma Even for the most hardened criminals, prison can be a scary place.The DOJ reports that 70,000 prisoners are sexually abused every year, and assaults, fights, and other acts of violence are common in a prison setting."How many escape attempts does the facility have to contend with each year? "I've never heard of one in the five years I've been here," she says. " "In fact, the last took place several years before I arrived.

While their neighbors looked on, the men were arrested for violating Penal Codes 211 and 459 (armed robbery and burglary), searched, handcuffed, and led into the rear of a waiting police car.

My parents have just celebrated their 59th anniversary.

Many years ago I asked them (out of earshot of each other) what made their relationship work so well.

Mental Health Care Behind Bars Jails and prisons are required to provide basic health care for inmates, but the quality of this care varies greatly.

Often, prison-based mental health care focuses on stabilizing, rather than treating, inmates.