Error occured validating manifest file

Possible remediation steps :- Please check the proxy login credentials Please check the vendor url Please check network access to vendor url this is a PCI environment, we would need to access using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Could you please help me with the location where I can change the URL from

Thanks and Regards, Ravi Kumar The required structure inside the container is that the mimetype file must be first file in the zip container and that there must be a META-INF directory containing the file (which, in your case, must point to the file in the root).

There's no requirement that files be in any subfolder, but as containers may include multiple renditions it is a good practice to put each instance in its own folder (plus it just unclutters the root and makes it easier to inspect for issues).

Reason for the failure: Path must include project and resource name: /Xml Schema-1.22. Illegal Argument Exception: Path must include project and resource name: /Xml Schema-1.2! MESSAGE *** ERROR ***: Mon Apr 06 EDT 2009 org.validation. Illegal Argument Exception: Path must include project and resource name: /Xml Schema-1.2at org.runtime. R esource(Unknown Source) at org.internal.resources. F ile(Unknown Source) at org.common.componentcore.urces. Virtual Archive Workspace Relative Path( Unknown Source) at org.common.componentcore.urces.

i am using RAD 6.0.1 Unable to create this part due to an internal error.

Validation on J2EE modules can be manual or automatic.

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Node 6.9.1 system: ubuntu 16.04 [email protected]:~$ curl -v * Trying 2400:cb48:1::6810:3fad... [email protected]:~/Webstorm Projects/atmed/yarn-test$ tail No manifest Lockfile: No lockfile Trace: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED 1.13 at Object.exports._errno Exception (util.js:10) at exports._exception With Host Port (util.js:10) at TCPConnect Wrap.after Connect [as oncomplete] (net.js:10) [email protected]:~/Webstorm Projects/atmed/yarn-test$ curl -v -4 * Trying 1.173...

Validatio n Exception: IWAE0053E An internal error has occurred running validation on project: ADESANissan]: ADESANissan, check the log file for details at org.j2ee.model.internal.validation. Virtual Archive Underlying Workbench Fil e(Unknown Source) at org.common.componentcore.urces. EARArtifac t Component References As List(Unknown Source) at org.j2ee.

Ear Validator.validate In Job(Unknown Source) at org.j2ee.internal.validation. Virtual Archive Component.exists(Unknown Source) at org.j2ee. EARVirtual Hard References(Unknown Source) at org.j2ee. EARArtifac t Component References(Unknown Source) at org.j2ee.

* Connected to registry.(2400:cb48:1::6810:3fad) port 443 (#0) * ALPN, offering http/1.1 * Cipher selection: ALL:! * Connected to registry.(1.173) port 443 (#0) * ALPN, offering http/1.1 * Cipher selection: ALL:!

info Visit for documentation about this command. yarnpkg add --exact react react-dom react-scripts has failed.