Blind dating trailer soundtrack

The most spectacular was in 1998, I almost got arrested for that one. And I looked across the bar and saw Julian Lennon there drinking with his mates and he was dressed exactly the same way as the crew, so I made a bit of a stink about it.

And I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I turned around and the boss of the bar was toking on a massive cigar, and he said, 'You want to spend the night in the bar, or do you want to spend the night in jail?

We never really managed to have a conversation that lasted longer than seven minutes at a time. [Laughs]" The last time I cooked for someone"Probably about two weeks ago.

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' And that was like pouring petrol on fire [laughs]. And then the next day I talked myself out of going to jail! It's set in the late Sixties, and is very loosely based around the Charles Manson family murders.

I don't know why but the whole Manson family story has always intrigued me." The last song I heard and thought, I wish I wrote that"There's a song by a band called Minor Victories, they're opening for us on our UK tour.