Auto updating news script

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Imagine a paragraph where all the text has bold formatting applied.

Since the entire paragraph is bold, I think most people would be inclined to agree that such a paragraph has no character-level overrides.

(It’s nice that when you change something in the physics code, that your audio doesn’t break).

It also gets us closer to a situation where we could ship updates to different modules at separate timelines. If you take a look at the Web GL demos that we posted, you can see that the entire unity engine that is converted to javascript (not manually thankfully! That’s already pretty good, but we know there’s more juice to squeeze out of that.

While doing mostly non-user-visible work on this, we hit some dependencies in our API that need to be cut in order for us to proceed further in our efforts.

Obviously because it is just sound engineering practice.I've seen sites like this ( on the web that seem to be nothing more than a collection of news articles pulled in from different places - all seemingly automated...I would like to know how can I create something like this that: (a) either automatically, one its own pulls data from different news feeds and creates these articles/news-conent, OR (b) I run a program periodically to update all its content I am looking for a ready-to-run software / module that I can take and put in either the keywords or links to news feeds and get it to work...The way it calculates this is by find the longest continuous run of similarly-formatted text in each paragraph.The formatting properties of that text are then considered to be the “base” style of the paragraph, and anything that is different to this formatting is considered an override. This method of defining an override is meant to be as similar as possible to what we would call a text override in an In Design paragraph.