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Corey Maison, 15, who loves mascara and lip gloss, was born a boy.“I always wanted to be a girl,” she said.

“I was very girly when I was younger.”Corey is one of five and her mother, born Erica, never felt comfortable in her female body.

Ten years later, after the Halloween law, Keil felt shocked into action.

The judge sentenced the 21-year-old Bethlehem man to three years of intense probation.He must spend the first six months on house arrest with an electronic monitoring bracelet while he applies to enter an inpatient treatment program for sex offenders with mental disabilities.If he's accepted, he can leave house arrest early to enroll.The goal was “to protect our children,” as Nixon put it, but Keil heard only a peal of political hysteria.She is not a sex offender nor, at 63, a new-age apologist for pedophiles or predators.