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Some https://apartmentlove.com/alberta/edmonton have workout facilities on-site, but whether your new apartment does or not, you can still keep fit without stepping foot outside your door. As an active person I have found that yoga has been a great compliment to other sports; it has helped improved my flexibility and been beneficial in guarding against injury.Having never done any yoga before, the Foundations workshop provided me with the confidence to attend the classes, all of which felt like a natural progression.108 Yoga offers a uniquely inspiring journey towards self awareness. A place to feel connected with community and yourself.Our teachings balance physical, intellectual and spiritual energies to help you attain stability in your body, stillness of mind and an open heart. From the curious beginner to the experienced practitioner, 108 Yoga is committed to making yoga accessible with very personalized, tailored approaches for each individual.There’s a joke in Halifax that there are two-and-a-half gay bars in the city; the Company House is the half, and it’s where you’ll find your lesbians.

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However they went home and Milena and I went over to the park on our own."We then decided to walk along the main road to the train tracks because it is quiet. We were sat facing each other in between the tracks."But just at the train came speeding towards the pair, Amelia jumped out of the way.

We are both the same age, 16, and I would describe us as two peas in a pod.""I cannot recall my first encounter with her but mum and dad say I have known her since birth."We spent all our time together and I would describe her as my favourite person in the whole world.

She was a lovely person and her family became a family to me."Milena and I went to the level crossing because we find it a nice place to hang out.

However, it’s owned, staffed and frequented by queer ladies. The Co Ho hosts the queer “Retro Night” and “Heavy Petting” (listed below).

Refs is your obligatory local basement gay bar featuring pumpin’ electronic music, regular drag shows and a (not so gay) student night every Friday.