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That changed when the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), passed in 1990, mandated the establishment of the nationwide telecommunications relay service (TRS) for people with hearing or speech disabilities.

The TRS is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

" Blog topic written by Hannah Mann As I've mentioned in another post, I grew up with the impression that deafness was this great obstacle to be overcome, to be excised out of my daily life as much as possible. Cued Speech is a communication mode that visually represents an existing language in real time.

Blog topic written by Le Ann Caseria This morning I helped my youngest pack our old Toyota as he left for his 2nd year at University, new dorm, new roommate and part-time job, new classes and new people to meet. "Cued Speech isn't a language." Blog topic written by Hannah Mann …and it doesn't need to be.

Where the Americans with Disabilities Act Falls Short Blog topic written by Hannah Mann The ADA is a marvelous legislative tool.Many Deaf and Hard of Hearing Camfrog users use our software to communicate via video chat by signing into their webcam back and forth.As Camfrog became popular with Deaf and Hard of Hearing users we added a Deaf video chat room list and Deaf features in our Camfrog Server software.You do not want to sound prejudice when you make these blind or deaf related pick up lines work.These pick up phrases feature sign language and other common situations that blind and deaf may run into.